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i love her.

don’t inflate her ego

  1. nasim: mom i'm not muslim im sorry
  2. nena: then why do call yourself nasim
  3. nena: and not gabriella
  4. nena: which your father and i named you
  5. naism:
  6. nasim: idk it sounds cooler


i feel like at this point the rp community is so saturated with White Gay Males that they can’t even call that representation anymore especially considering the fact they ignore literally every other aspect of representation ever at all


gregfinleyofficial Heeeeeres tony! Aka girder #theflash

gregfinleyofficial Heeeeeres tony! Aka girder #theflash


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nasim what a cutie.

sometimes I remember that she’s studying to be a nurse despite having generally horrible bedside manner and I cry

Screencap Meme


Put a number and a fandom (or characters) in my ask and I will make a 4 - 10 picspam from caps that capture my attention.

  1. Faceless (or caps where the subjects face cannot be seen)
  2. Silhouettes (or caps where the subject is silhouetted)
  3. Negative Space (or caps where there is space around the subject)
  4. Colour Palette (you may ask for specific colours or let me choose)
  5. Favourite Outfits (or caps where the subject is wearing an outfit you really dig)
  6. Colours Abound (or caps with lots of colour)
  7. Objects (or caps where the main focus is an object)
  8. Hair Porn (or caps where the subjects hair makes you jealous)
  9. Profiles (or caps where the subject’s head is turned to the side)
  10. Movement (or caps where the subject is moving)
  11. Full Body Shots (or caps where you can see the subject from head to toe)
  12. Locations (or caps of a specific location)
  13. Kiss (or caps where the subjects are engaged in kissing)
  14. Looking Down (or caps where the subject is looking down)
  15. Light (or caps where light was a main focus before editing)

Best Jay Hogart quotes; requested by anonymous