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if you need background music to write smut to I highly recommend literally anything by FKA Twigs

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my choice in vocabulary was 100% intentional

if anybody wants ship porn then you better slam a prompt into my assbox because i’m on a roll apparently

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somnophilia: ash and rhett

Somnophilia: I’ll write my/your character waking the other up by sex

Normally a sound snoozer, sneaking around with Ash on the farm was turning Rhett into something of an insomniac. The tighter he shut his eyes in bed, the harder it was to nod off, and it was all that damn city slicker’s fault. But more importantly, the thought of acting on his lustful urges with Ash sleeping right beside him couldn’t be alleviated.

Rhett wondered what it would be like to reach over and touch the man’s muscular frame, let his fingers wander…

Against his better judgement, Rhett turned the covers off and slid his way downward to Ash’s crotch. Giving the shaft a preliminary lick, the country-bred male hated how badly he wanted to live up to his farmhand’s sexual prowess, but he learned to stop questioning himself like that months ago.

If he was ever gonna learn how to give better head, now was as good a chance as any. 

Smut/Kink Prompts

Send me a prompt.

Ablutophilia: I’ll write our characters making love in a bath or shower
Agoraphilia: I’ll write our characters having sex in a public place
Claustrophilia: I’ll write our characters having sex in a confined/small space
Coprolalia: I’ll write my/your character talking dirty to the other
Endytophilia: I’ll write my/your character having sex while clothed/partially clothed
Fetishism: I’ll write your/my character having sex/playing with an intimate object. 
Haptephilia: I’ll write my/your character becoming aroused by my/your character’s touch. 
Masochism: I’ll write my/your character being dominated/humiliated by my/your character
Parthenophilia: I’ll write my/your character taking the others virginity 
Scatophilia: I’ll write my/your character talking dirty over the phone to your/my character.
Somnophilia: I’ll write my/your character waking the other up by sex
Vincilagnia: I’ll write my/your character being tied up by your/my character sexually.
Voyeurism: I’ll write my/your character watching the other having sex/masturbating


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down 4 it

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i’m gonna do it

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